Big change in the Kasaba Doktoru team on the set for the second season!
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3 February 2023 12:36


Big change in the Kasaba Doktoru team on the set for the second season!

TRT 1’s much-loved town doctor, who could not make an assertive debut in the ratings, appeared on the set for the second season. In season two, the Kasaba Doktoru’s (Town Doctor) team underwent a major change.

The TV series of TRT 1, which started to appear on the screen last season, was loved by the audience, although it did not make a big splash in the ratings. The second season of the highly anticipated series was set for the second season. The announcement of the release of the set was shared on social media.

However, a huge change awaits the audience in the second season of the Kasaba Doktoru. Accordingly, the script team of the series has changed.

The script of the series, which was previously written by Barış Erdoğan and İlker Arslan, will now be written by Çağla Kızılelma. Çağla Kızılelma previously wrote the scripts of the TV series Ramo, Arıza and Hakim. She published the cover of the script of the first episode of the second season in the images shared on social media.

The change in the script team is expected to increase the ratings of the series. It is hoped that the Kasaba Doktoru series, which had a very mediocre first season with 13 episodes, will attack in the second season. TRT 1 gives the series a chance because the Kasaba Doktoru is loved by the audience.

The Kasaba Doktoru series, which started airing almost in the middle of last season, is a South Korean production of Doctor Romantic. It appeared as the Turkish adaptation of the Doctor Romantic series. Ozan Akbaba, Deniz Can Aktaş, Hazal Subaşı and Vildan Atasever share the lead roles in Kasaba Doktoru, which brings a heart-touching story to the audience.

The Kasaba Doktoru has a story that stands out as an idealistic doctor dedicating himself to saving human lives in the shadow of a series of tragic events in the past. Although the interest in the 13 episodes aired so far was lower than expected, it was still a series that affected a wide audience.

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