Big reverse corner? Do not be surprised if the names thought to be dead in the Yargı series return!
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29 November 2022 11:52


Big reverse corner? Do not be surprised if the names thought to be dead in the Yargı series return!

Kanal D’s TV series, Yargı, aired on Sunday evenings, will be on the screen tonight with its 15th episode after a long break. While the series has won great admiration from the audience since the first episode, it is also talked about a lot with each episode. The Yargı series gives the audience different shocks every week with its well-constructed story and increases their curiosity with the developments that leave them bewildered.

After the TV series starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu took a three-week hiatus, the audience began a curious wait. Some situations that cause suspicion after each character who leaves the series by dying, almost gnaws the audience’s curiosity!

It was estimated that the series would not be broadcast for two weeks, including the first week of January, with the New Year, but due to the fact that Pınar Deniz caught the coronavirus, the mandatory holiday started a week in advance!

It was learned that after Deniz’s quarantine ended and her tests turned negative, re-shooting started a few days ago. The trailer for the 15th episode was released earlier, and the audience wonders before the scene where Engin, brought to life by Onur Durmaz, was killed, and Ceylin, who was unconscious in the forest, woke up with a gun in her hand.

Did Ceylin kill Engin or fell into a big trap, the answer to this question has not been found yet. Ilgaz believes that Ceylin is not the murderer and is ready to do whatever he can to protect her. Meanwhile, Ceylin is still in shock and can’t remember exactly what happened!

It is thought that the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon will make a reverse corner again. However, a social media post by Ergenekon has completely confused everyone! Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon shared the following in the story section of her Instagram account. Sema Ergenekon, who reposted another post, laughed at the comment made on the photo of Ali Seçkiner, who plays the character of “Zafer”, and responded with the words “Kiss it for me”.

The confusing ‘I knew you weren’t dead’ text in this post almost makes everyone say ‘I wonder?’ However, of course, it is possible that a reference was made to the series. Whether Zafer dies in the series Yargı is still a mystery to the audience! Zafer is a character that seems to come out of nowhere at any moment!

A similar situation applies to the character of Engin played by Onur Durmaz. Pınar Deniz, who was in quarantine a short time ago, shared her photo with Onur Durmaz, who is said to have left the series, and pointed to the new episode, creating the impression that there is a reverse corner about Engin, who is thought to be dead in the series!

The deaths of Engin and Zafer are still a suspicious situation for the audience! For this reason, some humorous references on social media confuse the audience! Let’s see if the truth will come out in episode 15. We will watch and see…

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