Big test for Barış Arduç and Elçin Sangu, who shine in Kiralık Aşk!
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29 November 2022 09:59


Big test for Barış Arduç and Elçin Sangu, who shine in Kiralık Aşk!

The romantic comedy series “Kiralık Aşk” made both Elçin Sangu and Barış Arduç popular. Both actors later took part in different projects, but they could not take part in the desired roles.

The fans of Barış Arduç and Elçin Sangu, who appeared in various TV series, are still talking about the Kiralık Aşk series. In other words, after this project, there were no roles to be remembered for both actors… The duo, who gained great experience in this process, agreed with very ambitious series for the new season.

Barış Arduç will play the leading role in the TRT1 TV series Alparslan. It is not possible for every actor to give life to Alparslan, the mighty ruler of the Great Seljuk State… Barış Arduç has been training in horse riding and martial arts for this role for months. The new series will be a big test for the famous actress, who will share the lead role with Fahriye Evcen.

The fact that the Alparslan series is planned for 3 seasons is also quite enough time for Barış Arduç to make a big debut… Sultan Alparslan is a ruler with an important place in history, and Barış Arduç’s bringing such an important historical character to life is a great opportunity for his career.

Elçin Sangu will bring a very different story to the audience with the character of Leyla in the new season, after the 6-episode series scandal she experienced last year. Sangu takes the lead role in the TV series Yalancılar ve Mumları. Impressive factors such as the strong cast of the series and the fact that it has a good story draw attention.

Both Barış Arduç and Elçin Sangu are expected to make a big debut in the new season with their new series after Kiralık Aşk. Let’s see if these expectations will be met. We will watch and see and continue to report developments.

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