Big transfer to Camdaki Kız! Engin Şenkan, the Küt Nuri of Yazlıkçılar, is now in Camdaki Kız!
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29 March 2023 15:13


Big transfer to Camdaki Kız! Engin Şenkan, the Küt Nuri of Yazlıkçılar, is now in Camdaki Kız!

One of Kanal D’s most ambitious productions, the second season of Camdaki Kız is shooting at full speed. Although the Hayri crisis continues in the series, new transfer news is coming.

The preparations for the second season of Camdaki Kız, which started last season and adapted from Gülseren Budayioğlu’s book of the same name, continue at full speed. There is still an unsolved problem in the series. That is, the actor who will play Hayri, who will mark the second season, has still not been found.

Hayri, who will enter the story in the second season, will somehow steal Nalan’s heart. Nalan, played by Burcu Biricik, will leave her glittering and rich life and settle in the house of Hayri, an uneducated and rude man.

While Hayri’s problem could not be solved in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”, news came that two new actors joined the cast. According to the news on the blog of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, experienced actors Engin Şenkan and Ozan Buz joined the new season of the TV series Camdaki Kız.

Engin Şenkan is one of the most experienced male actors of the screen. The 77-year-old theater-based actor has acted in many theater plays to date. He entered the world of TV series in 1984 with the TRT 1 series Yalnızlar.

Engin Şenkan was recognized by the masses thanks to the TV series Bizimkiler. Şenkan, who played the character of Şevket from 1991 to 2002, was one of the most popular characters of Bizimkiler. The character of Küt Nuri in the series Yazlıkçılar also took its place among the unforgettable.

The experienced actress has appeared in many TV series, including Kınalı Kar, Hatırla Sevgili, Baba Ocağı, Kurt Seyt and Şura. We last watched Şenkan with the character of Bünyamin Ayaz in the Fox TV series Kurşun in 2019.

According to the information received, Engin Şenkan will portray the character of brother-in-law in Camdaki Kız. Ozan Buz will appear as the friend of Sedat, played by Feyyaz Şerifoğlu.

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