Artists News Bir Küçük Gün Işığı fatigue made Seray Kaya take new decisions!

Bir Küçük Gün Işığı fatigue made Seray Kaya take new decisions!


One of the successful works of this season on the ATV screen was the TV series Bir Küçük Gün Işığı (A Little Sunshine). The impressive story of the series, in which Seray Kaya and Berk Oktay starred, combined with strong acting performances, and the audience gave great support for a long time. Although there has been a decrease in the ratings in recent months, the TV series Bir Küçük Gün Işığı has made its way into television history by successfully completing one season.

The good compatibility of Seray Kaya and Berk Oktay also contributed to the success of the series. Seray Kaya continues to climb the career ladder with double steps by taking part in impressive series one after the other. It seems that it will take time to get rid of the set fatigue of the TV series Bir Küçük Gün Işığı, in which the actor had important experiences and entered the hearts of millions.

The famous actress took a rest after the completion of the shooting. The actress, who decided not to do anything in June, said, “I think I will not do much in June, I will take some time for myself.”

Explaining that she will continue her rest period by taking holidays in July and August, Seray Kaya evaluated the remaining season with the following words:

“It was a tiring season, but it was also a fun season. You know, it is very difficult to bring 36 departments in a period like this. We are very happy because of that.”

Seray Kaya said that she was pleased to be involved in a beautiful and enjoyable project, and that she would look at new projects from now on.

The actress, who dismissed the questions about the offers, does not want to talk about them at the moment. Seray Kaya said, “We’re done, let me take my vacation, my manager is making interviews. I will start to read new projects as well” and said that she will look at new projects as they come in, but that she has no agreement with a project in the near future.

Seray Kaya, who also communicated well with Esra Dermancıoğlu, who was in the cast of the series, added that her friend in France invited her and maybe she could go to her.