Artists News Birkan Sokullu is looking for different characters, he does this on purpose!

Birkan Sokullu is looking for different characters, he does this on purpose!


Birkan Sokullu is one of the names who set the goal of portraying different characters. The actor, who showed how good he can be in drama roles with the character of Han in the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı, recently took part in a movie called Aşk Sanatı (The Art of Love), which will be released on Netflix.

The actor, who appeared in front of the camera with Esra Bilgiç and started to rest after the shooting was completed in July, said that he specifically aimed to portray different characters.

The actor said that the movie Aşk Sanatı, which tells the relationship between a painting thief and an agent working in Interpol’s art crimes department, is a very enjoyable project and said, “It is a good movie. “I think it will be a movie that tells the love story of an art thief and an Interpol agent, with lots of action, fun and great viewing pleasure,” he said.

The actor, whom we see from time to time in romantic comedy projects or action-packed works, from taking part in a historical TV series to strong drama roles, is always chasing new excitements.

Birkan Sokullu said, “I try to make such choices as much as possible. I find more space to play in those works. He also stated that he particularly prefers to take part in different characters, saying, “It is enjoyable for me to be involved in different works.”

Explaining that it is difficult to portray different characters and therefore he needs to rest, Birkan Sokullu said that he is currently trying to relieve his tiredness.

Explaining that he needs to clear his head before the next character, the actor said, “I am also very curious about what I will play next. We joke about this with my friends. “I hope you will find something interesting,” he said.

Stating that he reads the projects that come to him, the famous actor said that he is in the evaluation phase and if there is a project that suits him, he will return to the sets again.

Birkan Sokullu does not intend to take a break from the sets for a long time. The actor, who explains that he does not have a holiday plan, seems to not hesitate to go on set if a good job comes along.