Artists News Birthday celebration from Merve Oflaz

Birthday celebration from Merve Oflaz


The famous actress Merve Oflaz took part in the Survivor competition in 2010 and won. Being the first and only woman to win the competition, Oflaz gained great popularity after this production.

Merve Oflaz stepped into acting after she was known for the contribution of Survivor. The actress, who has been in the Black Streets series for 3 seasons, draws attention with her successful performance.

Taking care to protect her health and fit body, the actress celebrates her 32nd birthday alone. Oflaz decorated her house for her birthday and shared it on her instagram account.

Oflaz said, “I am used to my birthday quarantines, since I celebrated on an island alone 10 years ago. Thanks to all those who did not make me feel lonely, congratulate or call today. I can’t answer everyone individually, but I feel all your beautiful energies are with me. ”

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