Börü tv series disappointed with the knee ratings
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27 March 2023 12:39


Börü tv series disappointed with the knee ratings

Anibal Güleroglu, a Milliyet blog writer, wrote the Börü series:

The famous writer Kafka, who said, ‘It is not me but me that disappointed me …’

Indeed, the person has left the door of his frustrations by putting himself in too much anticipation.

We understand how wrong it is to enter into an exaggerated wait-and-see with great hope in any matter. We are gaining experience because of the frustrations created by the series that are excited by the excitement.

It was a good experience in this sense.

The series started with 5.99 in the AB group and 4.79 in the Total.

‘Börü’ pulled down the expected results in the second part even further down.

The 18th place with 2.83 points in total was in the seventh place with 3.93 points in the EU group.

Well, how did a job that has been on the agenda for months been such a result?

Undoubtedly, ‘Börü’s disappointment was based on initial disruptions.

Some of these are related to the index on the screen …

The Oath and ‘Warrior’ sequences filled a big gap.

‘Börü also has the promise and style to be said.

But putting it right into the end of the season caused bad results.

You will see that the series is delayed in showing itself and the audience has been working against the logic of waiting for a long time.

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