Artists News Both TV series and cooking show from Bahar Süer!

Both TV series and cooking show from Bahar Süer!


Bahar Süer is one of the names in the cast of the bein connect series named Erkek Severse… Born in Ankara in 1985, the actress has been taking part in projects since 2011.

Bahar Süer, who started her career with the character of Nezahat in the TV series Avrupa Avrupa, drew great attention with the character of Nazgül in the Yeni Gelin series. After the TV series Şampiyon, Gençliğim Eyvah and İyi Aile Babası, the actress turned to digital productions.

Bahar Süer, who took part in the TV series Fandom, as well as in the production of Erkek Severse, will also make a cooking show. Beautiful actress Bahar Süer is preparing to make a quick start to 2022 with two different projects.

Süer, who appeared in front of the camera with Alperen Duymaz, Büşra Develi and Yasemin Allen in the series “Erkek Severse”, one of the ambitious digital productions of the year, will give life to the character of Demet, the business manager in the series.

The shooting of the first season of the series, which will meet with the audience in the coming days, continues. Known for her cooking as well as her acting, Bahar Süer will host famous guests every week with her cooking program called “Back of Taste” on a digital platform, both cooking and bringing pleasant conversations to the screen.