Series News Brave decision for Flame Of Fate

Brave decision for Flame Of Fate


With the preview stage of Ay Yapım, the expected release date of one of the most powerful productions of this season, ‘Flame Of Fate’, which is on the agenda of social media and attracts everyone’s attention, has been announced. In the series, which will be on Show TV screens with its first episode on Thursday, November 5, the audience will witness how the lives of three women who could not extinguish the fire inside themselves changed forever with a real fire.

Flame Of Fate, starring Demet Evgar, Hazar Ergüçlü and Dilan Çiçek Deniz, was written by Burcu Görgün Toptaş and met with the director of Ahmet Katıksız, is getting ready to come to Show TV screens on Thursday, November 5th. It is very meaningful to choose Thursday evenings for the series. It shows that the channel trusts the drama very much.

Flame Of Fate took a big risk in the face of two most watched series such as Bitter Lands and The Miracle. However, Show TV did not have much choice. When Güldür Güldür Show was put on Tuesday evenings, there was no day left for Alev, except Thursday. Flame Of Fate, which will compete with two ambitious series in the rating competition, is a production that can be successful and change the equation.

The series, which draws attention with its promotions, will deal with the themes of daily life such as women, domestic violence, justice and beauty, which are spoken at all times, in its unique language, brings to the screens the stories of three women whose lives are thrown in unexpected directions as a result of a fire. ‘Flame Of Fate’ will be a source of inspiration for many people, bringing together with the audience what powerful women who have the chance to not submit to their own destiny, in line with their choices.

The series featuring Demet Evgar, Hazar Ergüçlü, Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Zuhal Olcay, along with Cem Bender, Berkay Ateş, Cihangir Ceyhan, Berker Güven and Toprak Can Adıgüzel, will be on Show TV on Thursday, November 5 at 20.00. will come to the screens!