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16 August 2022 18:13


Bravo to the Yargı series, once again surpassed the Teşkilat in the ratings!

There are important developments in the rating race on Monday evenings. With the launch of Elbet Bir Gün on Fox TV, there are a total of 4 productions in the competition.

Important results were experienced in the rating race of the TV series Teşkilat, Yargı, Benim Hayatım and Elbet Bir Gün on the evening of November 7th. First of all, the fact that Kanal D’s Yargı TV series once again won the first place in the EU group and that the Teşkilat fell to the second place drew attention.

The Yargı, which was first in both AB and ABC1 groups the previous week, was able to get second places against the Teşkilat last week. However, on the evening of November 7, the series Yargı brought it to the fore again in the EU with its strong story and impressive acting performances.

The Teşkilat, on the other hand, won first place in all individuals and ABC1 groups. It should be noted that the ratings between the two series are also very close to each other and it is possible for the first places to change hands in all categories in the coming weeks.

TRT1’s The Teşkilat TV series managed to pass double-digit rates last week. This season, there were also the series Camdaki Kız and Gönül Dağı that achieved this success.

The Teşkilat experienced a slight drop in ratings in episode 21. Because of this decline, the first place in the EU went and the second place came.

It will not surprise anyone that he won the first place in all categories on Sunday, November 14th, with the 22nd episode of the Teşkilat series. However, the series Yargı seems to be a candidate for the first place in all categories with its strong story.

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