Breathtaking revenge in the Pit!
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1 December 2022 12:06


Breathtaking revenge in the Pit!

The moves of the Koçovalıs who took action to avenge Selim, in the episode of the phenomenon series The Pit, which was screened on Show TV and aired last night by Ay Yapım, stopped breathing. Yamaç, Cumali and Akın managed to catch Cemil, who trapped Selim, and Akın, who burned the fire of revenge, did not forgive those who caused his father’s death. Another striking development of the episode was Kulkan Erdenet, who quickly got involved in the war between the Koçovalıs and the Erdenets.

In the episode of The Pit, which left its mark on Monday nights, the Koçovas, who took action for the revenge of Selim, took their breath away. Cumali found the first clue of how Selim was killed and managed to reach Cemil. Cemil tried to trap Cumali by playing a game, but his game was revealed and the Koçovalıs caught Cemil. In the final, Akın brought the end of Cemil, who was responsible for Selim’s death, and avenged his father.

The Pit ranked first in total with his new episode, which was broadcast last night, and succeeded to surpass the series Awakening Great Seljuk this week. In the AB and ABC1 categories, the series took second place last night. #ailemedokun tag on Twitter Turkey in 7 hours and 25 minutes, while the world had the TT list for 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Yamaç continued to make one move after the explosion of the Erdenet factories. While the Yamaç cut off the road of Cengiz, the Çukur youth blew the wheels of his car. Meanwhile, Cengiz panicked when he asked how many pharmaceutical factories Yamaç had, and when his car did not work, Cengiz had to take a taxi, but Cumali Koçovalı was driving the taxi. Thus, Yamaç, who kidnapped Cengiz Erdenet, took his shoes and jacket and left him to a deserted place.


Kulkan Erdenet made a quick entrance to Çukur. Having followed the Yamaç, Kulkan reached the Nehir and kidnapped her. While Cengiz learned that Nehir was also pregnant from Yamaç, Efsun and Nehir, who were kept in the house of Erdenets, comforted each other. With Kulkan’s move, it has already been a matter of curiosity how Erdenets, who gained a trump against Yamaç, will use it in the following sections.


Cumali found the first clue of how Selim was killed after long efforts. Cumali went to the casino where Selim and Cemil met, and he met Cemil here. Cemil tried to deceive Cumali by pretending that he was not guilty of the murder of Selim. Cemil, who started the game, then brought Cumali to the warehouse, which he claimed was Çağatay Erdenet, but here he encountered the Koçovalıs. Cumali, who predicted what would happen, took his precaution. Thus, Yamaç, Cumali and Akın caught Cemil, who was responsible for Selim’s death.

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