Series News [Bride of Istanbul] tv dramas is broadcast in 15 countries

[Bride of Istanbul] tv dramas is broadcast in 15 countries


The TV drama, which has been sold to more than 15 countries, also breaks records abroad.

The actors of the TV drama on the screen at Star continue to welcome guests from around the world.

The TV drama, starring Özcan Deniz and Enver Enver, also caught the attention of world television.

The TV drama was sold to fifteen countries including Albania, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Israel and Angola.

Bride of Istanbul, in Turkey Following the success of its launching in many countries also reached the widest possible audience.

The TV series, which also attracted great interest from Latin America, will be published in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Talks with many South American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil and Panama continue for publication of the series.

Birde Of Istanbul TV set is visited by representatives from foreign channel authorities and world press.

Guests from Croatia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina are welcomed by Ozcan Deniz and Aslı Enver, who explain the reasons for success.