Series News ‘Bride of Istanbul’ does not make the final spell breaks

‘Bride of Istanbul’ does not make the final spell breaks


The 48th episode of “Bride of Istanbul”, starring ÖzcanDeniz, AsliEnver, IpekBilgin and SalihBademci, was released.

Let’s look at viewer reviews …

We observe Fikret’s hostile attitudes from commentators who are quite obsessive.

There is a serious reaction to social media comments on Fikret’s character … Many audiences want to make a final without tasting it.

The tv series is being spoken for at least half a season. The audience is curious, “Everyone is happy, what else they are going to extend next season, new players will participate in?” He said that the continuation of the index would not be realistic.

Many viewers say the series should end this season, because the story is now approaching the end.

There is an idea that the ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series should continue for half a season. But the series is concerned that tight followers should be left to taste and that the half-season season may be disappointing.