Series News ‘Bride of Istanbul’ TV series comes

‘Bride of Istanbul’ TV series comes


‘Bride of Istanbul’ enters the season with a superb part!

The fans of the directory are in great excitement these days.

‘Yaz’ character will change the balance.

When AhsenEroğlu’s acting, Yaz, entered the series, the heads mixed.

Will the series jump after 19 years? In this case, Süreyya and Faruk will be aged.

The most important thing is that the age of Esma, who is already outdated, also made me think.

The new surprises of the series did not end with that either.

MeralÇetinkaya, NihalYalçın and KaanCakir joined the series.

It looks like there is a season tracker that is pushing the predictions.

Countdown to the new season started with an open, completely different story of surprises.