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6 July 2022 14:00


Burak Deniz came to love on social media. The actor shared his pose with his girlfriend!

Famous actor Burak Deniz and famous model Didem Soydan gave their relationship a second chance. The famous couple is together again.

It was claimed that the couple of Didem Soydan and Burak Deniz, who ended their love for about a year in the past months, broke up due to the allegations that the famous model shared on her social media account.

However, two famous names denied these news; Didem Soydan made a statement at that time; “There were news that the reason for our separation with Burak was due to the posts I made on social media. These are absolutely lies. As he himself said. We’re not that backward-minded people. We don’t talk about our private lives,” she said.

The first exposure came from the duo, who were together again, on social media. The handsome actor shared the moment they were photographed while taking a selfie with his lover Didem Soydan. Thousands of likes and comments came in a short time to the post where Burak Deniz put the butterfly emoji.

The happiness of the famous couple, who continues to be together now, also enchanted their fans. Recently, Didem Soydan and Burak Deniz were seen in front of the famous model’s house in Nişantaşı. He asked the reporters, “Are you okay?” He replied, “As you can see”.

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