Burak Deniz gave the first tips from the series Şahmaran, everyone will be amazed!
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5 February 2023 20:22


Burak Deniz gave the first tips from the series Şahmaran, everyone will be amazed!

Famous actor Burak Deniz continues his career journey with digital projects. The actor, who went to Italy last month, attended the premiere of Disney Plus’ Cahil Periler (Ignorant Fairies), directed by Ferzan Özpetek and portrayed the role of Asaf.

Burak Deniz said that the gala in Italy went very well and the feedback from the audience was also good. Burak Deniz took a role in Disney Plus’s first Italian domestic project with Cahil Periler, where he played a photographer.

In a statement to tv100, the actor said, “The series was very popular,” and expressed that he was pleased that the series Cahil Periler received a good response in Italy. Explaining that his relations with Didem Soydan are going well, Burak Deniz talked about his experiences in Italy with the following words:

“It was great, it was a very stylish night. Having Ferzan Özpetek’s signature under the project… The fact that the project itself was a highly anticipated project was a matter of curiosity for both the press and the audience in Italy as well as here. Right now the results are looking good.”

The first season of the Netflix series Şahmaran, signed by Ay Yapım, was shot in the fall. Burak Deniz, who plays the leading role with Serenay Sarıkaya, shared the information that the second season will be shot for sure.

The famous actor said, “What exactly is the history, it is difficult to gather the actors. There is a broadcast time, there is a shooting date, I’m waiting too,” he said.

Expressing that the name of the series is Şahmaran, Burak Deniz stated that Serenay Sarıkaya portrays the character named “Şahsu” and he himself “Maran” in the project, “It will be a snake about 500 years old. What has come out, what will be the result, I am looking forward to it,” he said.

Working at an intense pace, the actor said that he was in the resting period and wanted to rest for 1-2 months, even if there were projects he talked about.

Stating that it could be a cinema project for the summer period, the actor stated that he did not make a plan for the holiday.

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