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17 May 2022 04:24


Burak Deniz got the opportunity to become popular around the world with his latest decision!

The famous actor Burak Deniz has become a name that has received offers from many producers with the popularity he has gained in our country in recent years… The actor, who stands out with his physical features as well as his successful performances, was last seen in 4 episodes of Ferzan Özpetek’s series for Disney Plus in Italy. .

Burak Deniz is a name that has started to shine like many Turkish actors in the international arena and is noticed by TV series fans from many different countries. Burak Deniz signed an agreement that could achieve a strong position around the world, even if he wasn’t at the point of tremendous popularity that actors like Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Engin Akyürek achieved.

Born in 1991 in Istanbul, the actress is now one of the screen faces of Disney Plus. Burak Deniz will now be a part of the magical world of Disney Plus, along with names from his age group such as Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Pınar Deniz, Hande Erçel.

This shows that the actor has a very important opportunity to be recognized internationally. It is known that Disney Plus will go on the air in June, both in Turkey and in many other countries. Turkey is one of the countries that attaches the most importance to the platform, which is spreading rapidly around the world.

Having become a brand in the production of TV series, the US entertainment giant, which has signed with many star names from Turkey, will also offer brand new content to the world TV series market with the projects to be done together. This will provide an opportunity for Turkish actors to stand out more and increase their popularity around the world.

Burak Deniz accepted the offer from Disney Plus with his decision and is preparing to take a brand new step in his career by taking part in the series to be broadcast on this platform.

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