Burak Deniz, who stood out in Italy, did a great job!
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9 February 2023 16:08


Burak Deniz, who stood out in Italy, did a great job!

Famous actor Burak Deniz made a strong comeback to the television screen with Maraşlı after the TV series Bizim Hikaye. Burak Deniz, who received positive points from his fans as a very good TV series couple with Alina Boz, did not have the opportunity to take a vacation after the series finale.

The actor, who went to Rome for the shooting of the digital series called Cahil Periler, which Ferzan Özpetek started shooting in Italy, stayed here for about a month. Burak Deniz, who attracted attention with his new image in Italy, soon fused with his co-stars in the new series.

Burak Deniz not only showed his talents but also attracted the attention of the Italian media with his handsomeness. For Burak Deniz, who has been attracting attention in Italy for a while, the series “Cahil Periler” is seen as an important start.

Except for the final scenes of the series, which Ferzan Özpetek shot for Disney Plus, in which Burak Deniz appeared in only 4 episodes, the other episodes were completed.

Returning to Istanbul, Burak Deniz is now preparing to host his Italian friends. In the coming days, the drama team will come together in Istanbul for the shooting of the final scenes.

Burak Deniz will be in 4 episodes of the Cahil Periler, which will consist of 8 episodes in total. The famous actor gives life to the character of Photographer Asaf in the series.

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