Burak Deniz's new series has been announced
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27 September 2022 01:45


Burak Deniz’s new series has been announced

Coronavirus pandemic continues, but production companies and actors continue their preparations for new jobs. Before the quarantine process, the information of a new series, which will feature Hande Erçel and Ali Atay, came.

It turned out that preparations are continuing for the shooting of the series Yarım Kalan Aşklar Dairesi, which will be shot for Blu TV. Birsen Altuntaş from TV100 shared the information that Burak Deniz will join these two players. Burak Deniz played a role in Our Story, which made a big final last season.

Umur Turagay will sit on the director’s chair of the series, which will consist of 8 episodes. It is known that the shootings will be done in a limited time since the series, which is Tims & B Production, is a digital project.

Since Hande Erçel will also take part in the TV series Sen Çal Kapısı, she may have to take the two series together for a while.

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