Burak Tozkoparan joins the cast of Call My Agency
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27 November 2022 07:23


Burak Tozkoparan joins the cast of Call My Agency

Young actor Burak Tozkoparan takes a role in Call My Agency, which now airs on the Star TV screen on Sunday nights … As soon as the actor joined the series with his character Emir, he immediately began to change the balance.

The emotional scenes of Dicle and Barış, performed by Ahsen Eroğlu and Deniz Can Aktaş, are no longer as satisfying for audiences. Many TV fans think that Emir will be good for Dicle. In the social media comments, thoughts began to be shared that "Emir and Dicle look good together."

Call My Agency fans said, “Emir will definitely be very good for Dicle. Take away the parasite of peace, let it go. Now that Dicle is happy too, "he says. Burak Tozkoparan, who played the character of Zola on the ATV series Lost Youth, is now taking a new test after this 17 episode test.

Tozkoparan, who appeared as a permanent actor on the Search My Agency series, is one of the young names that audiences liked and appreciated for his performance.

You can find in the video the first images of the tenth episode of Search My Agency, which will be broadcast on Sunday, October 25.

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