Burak Yörük defended himself for the corona party!
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25 March 2023 22:43


Burak Yörük defended himself for the corona party!

Burak Yörük, who gave life to the character of Tarık in the Nehir series, draws great attention with his successful performance. The actor draws a lot of attention from his fans with his relaxed personality and sympathy… Burak Yörük said that everything is fine and he works hard.

The actor, who was caught on camera on the street, was filmed without a mask while going to the party he attended the other day. However, this time it was seen that Burak Yörük was wearing a mask. The actor took off his mask during the interview.

Burak Yörük said, “I work 6 days a week, it is difficult,” and said that the shooting of the Dam series was very busy. Explaining that coronavirus measures were also applied intensively on the set, Burak Yörük said that everyone who came to the set was tested for coronavirus and that their fevers were constantly measured. Stating that they also go to the controls every 15 days, the actress stated that everything is going well.

Burak Yörük also said on questions about the corona party he went with his friend, “I stopped by for 15 minutes. Then it was crowded, we stopped in the garden, we did not even go inside, ”he said.

Saying that he stood in the garden and did not enter the house where the party was held, the player stated that they also left with his girlfriend.

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