Series News BurakÖzçivit is waiting for his new series!

BurakÖzçivit is waiting for his new series!


Resurrection Ertugrul’s 6th season will be published in September 2019.

In the new season the lead actor will change.

EnginAltanDüzyatan is in the leading role of the series for 5 seasons.

But next season, BurakÖzçivit will join the series as the leading role.

ResurrectionErtuğrul was describing the foundation of the Ottoman Empire.

ResurrectionOsman will tell the foundation of the empire.

BurakÖzçivit, who is married to FahriyeEvcen, is waiting for his new role.

FahriyeEvcen, pregnant.

The couple’s babies will be born soon.

BurakÖzçivit made the following statement:

“Everything is OK. The baby is very healthy. This is the way it’s going to be a boy this year. I will return to the tv series with the project I have agreed next year. ”