Artists News BurakÖzçivit lost weight 10

BurakÖzçivit lost weight 10


BurakÖzçivit, producer of “Can Feda”, lost weight 10 in filming.

Sabah newspaper writer BulentCankurt wrote:

“His wife, FahriyeEvcen, who sat on the wedding table last summer, was happy with everyone and BurakÖzçivit was disappointed with the film” Can Feda “. I learned that Özçivit’s lost not only his money but also his weight because of this film.

The player who lost 10 pounds in difficult shooting, so he had to change the wardrobe.

Fortunately, Altinyildiz Classics ran the brand face for the help of Özçivit, who no longer wears his old outfit. A tailor came from the center of the brand in Izmir and took the measure of Özçivit for the summer wardrobe.

The famous actor shopped at a shopping mall with his wife FahriyeEvcen in the days that we were passing because he could not write articles with the clothes of the mark that only his face was.

In the meantime, if you are wondering what will happen to Özçivit’s old outfits, to charities. Huge applause for Özçivit because of this behavior … “