Artists News Burcu Kara’s name is now remembered with the misfortune of the series!

Burcu Kara’s name is now remembered with the misfortune of the series!


Famous actress Burcu Kara was born in Bursa in 1980 and has been on the screen for many years as an actress. However, the short duration of the TV series in which Burcu Kara has acted recently draws attention as a great misfortune for the actress.

We can show that Burcu Kara, who has been on the sets since 2004, came to the fore with the character of Duygu in the Haziran Gecesi (June Night) series as her golden period, and then attracted a lot of attention with the character of Zeynep in the series Elveda Derken. Burcu Kara, who has a successful debut and is one of the sought-after names of the series, also has a great effort in the cinema industry.

However, the short duration of the series that the actress has been in for the last 10 years does not escape attention as a great misfortune. The TV series Tozlu Yollar and Tatar Ramazan in 2013, Milat in 2015, Kördüm in 2016, and Keşke Hiç Büyümeseydik in 2018 have always been short-term works.

After this negativity, Burcu Kara took a break from the series for a while and appeared on the screen as a guest actress in 2020 with the character of Zuhal in the Kırmızı Oda (Red Room) series. Then, Burcu Kara, who appeared as a guest in the digital TV series Fandom, tried her luck once again with Hakim (Judge), this season’s ambitious series on ATV.

Burcu Kara's name is now remembered with the misfortune of the series! 7

The actress, who gave a very successful performance in the series with the character of Ayşe, once again came to the fore with the bad luck of the series, with the early finale in the 10th episode of the Hakim series, which did not attract enough attention from the audience.

Burcu Kara, who is understood to have turned to natural products in recent years and has been doing great research on this subject, complained that the concept of organic was very polluted.

The actress drew attention to the problems with food sold as organic, and said that it was used incorrectly.

Burcu Kara said, “Organic makers are doing this job with really great effort and cost.” The actress, who has a son named Ali, also complained that organic products were too expensive.

Although she wanted to buy organic products for her son, she complained about five times the price. The famous actress, who built the house where she was born in the district of İznik, is also engaged in activities related to organic agriculture here.

Burcu Kara added that she also very much desires to be a mother for the second time.