Buse Varol will return to TV series sets!
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1 December 2022 07:33


Buse Varol will return to TV series sets!

Famous actress Buse Varol experienced the joys of motherhood one after another. Buse Varol, who is married to singer Ali Şan, has been away from the sets for a long time to take care of her two children.

The actress, who started her career with the character of Yasemin in the TV series Arka Sokaklar in 2013, then appeared in the TV series called Şehrin Melekleri, Sevda Kuşun Kanadında, Kış Güneşi, Rüya, Dostlar Mahallesi and Payitaht Abdülhamid.

The actress, who last appeared in the TV series Payitaht Abdulhamid on TRT1 with the character Mislimelek in 2018, announced that she would return to the sets after a 4-year hiatus.

Buse Varol said that everything was fine in her life and made the following statement: “I am at home with two children. There is a new job, I am preparing for it. Let me tell you it’s a series, I can’t give details. It will just start, in January…”

Buse Varol also said that she will play a different character in the new series that she has not acted before.

Denying the claim that she and Alişan will break up, the actress added that she is considering becoming a mother for the third time after 5-6 years.

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