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16 August 2022 19:54


Büşra Pekin gave the secret of how she got rid of her excess weight in a short time!

Büşra Pekin, one of the funniest actresses on the screen, is getting ready to appear in a role that will make the audience cry this time. The actress, who will portray the life of the arabesque singer Dilber Ay, who lived a difficult life and died a few years ago, gained nine kilograms for her new role.

When Büşra Pekin first appeared on the screen, she was known as fish meat. However, Büşra Pekin persevered and over time lost 15 kilos and turned into a thin woman. For the role of Pekin, Dilber Ay, who lost all this weight with great determination, she regained more than half of the weight she lost.

She, who will revive the life of the arabesque singer Dilber Ay, who died two years ago, lost the weight she gained for her new role in a short time.

Dilberay movie will be released on February 4th. Currently experiencing the excitement of this, the actress draws attention with her fit image in the shares she made on her Instagram account.

Büşra Pekin did not go unnoticed by her followers, who lost the weight she gained in a short time. The actress also shared her secret on her Instagram account.

Büşra Pekin, who shared her photo with her doctor from the clinic where she had the Coolsculpting method applied, advised her fans to research this method.

It is understood that the actress lost her weight in a short time thanks to this fat-breaking system, which permanently destroys the regional excesses that are resistant to diet and exercise.

The famous actress, who is currently giving interviews to the press for the movie, also watched Dilber Ay’s videos to prepare for her role. A special make-up was also applied to the actress. Directed by Ketche (Hakan Kırvavaç), the film features Jean Paul Seresine as the Cinematographer and Mustafa Presheva as the Editing Director.

The movie Dilberay, co-produced by Aytaç Medya, Fikri Fikir Production and Metronome Film Production, starring Büşra Pekin, Ayberk Pekcan, Nursel Köse, Zeliha Kendirci, Deniz Hamzaoğlu and Selen Uçar, will be screened at CJ Entertainment. will be released through

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