Series News Çağatay Ulusoy Comes to Protect the World

Çağatay Ulusoy Comes to Protect the World


Our writer Ece Er wrote:

I think it was spring last year. Cagatay Ulusoy informed us that he agreed with Netflix through a video he shared. From that date I went to a feverish work as well. The fans wondered, they got us squeezed. We also companies …. The mouths were tightly closed preparations. The script was rewritten as unimportant.

Cagatay Ulusoy worked to develop career and power in America. We also worked on the keyboard to keep you posted. The day we passed, Çağatay Ulusoy started working on the set for the Netflix project.

Now everything is beginning to become clear. Ten episodes will be recorded as is known for the first season. The next season is planned, but as it is known, it will only work on the first 10 episodes for the moment. Netflix found the name “Protector” suitable for the Turkish series. Our well-known character Yavuz (Çağatay Ulusoy) will protect his family and loved ones first and then the city of Istanbul from evil. It’s a beautiful and strong name!

There is a look inside the triangle on the set photographs that attract attention! This picture is portrayed on the screenplay of director Can Evrenol.

Now do not call me illuminati.
This symbol symbolizes Horus in Egypt, the “unconcerned eye of conscience”. I mean “watching”.
Turning the line: Narcissus line was taken by the screenwriter. Prepared for Netflix by O3 Media.

The character of the index Yavuz is very similar to Horus, the legendary god of Egypt. So I guess that’s why the eye symbol is added in the triangle form. The show will meet the audience in September. If I share some Horus knowledge now, maybe it will be easier to move on to Yavuz’s story.

Horus: Isis is the son of Osiris. Seht and Osiris brothers symbolize evil. Seht kills Osiris and wants to kill Horus because he does not want his line to last. Horus is regarded as the rebirth of Osiris. Horus kills Seht and goes to his father’s throne. Every morning they start to rise again in the sky. Ra and Horus are called together. Horus’s left eye is an important sign. This eye, also called the “moon eye”, does not miss any movement of the people. This eye indicates in today’s religions that “Conscience” is symbolic and that nothing will escape the eyes of God. This eye is also called “the eye of the moon” because it is in the human being. 24 hours never closes!
In this legend, Seht, the “god of evil and evil,” wants to blind his conscience. This eye is healing and protective. This symbol has a direct connection with the eye candy in Turkish culture. We Turks always carry this symbol at home or above to protect from “evil spirits”.


Scientists have proved that “conscience” is a center in the brain, and they have the same shape as Horus’ eye. It is believed that the fold under the eyes of Horus symbolizes the path that we must take to reach God and the difficulties we have to bear in this path, and the tear in the lower part represents God’s mercy and love for us.

For some people this is the Third Eye that is associated with the brain and is found in the eye. Third Eye: Also known as the inner eye and one of the 7 quadrants. It is said to be able to perceive things our eyes can not see.

I think we have also noticed that Çağatay Ulusoy will become a worldwide actor with the Netflix series. This project will prove to the world once again the strength of our literature and not only Turkish serials and actors.
Demonstrating your strength in life, with your wish …

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