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5 July 2022 13:15


Camdaki Kız series opened up the gap and won another success in the ratings!

Camdaki Kız series is having a very successful debut… The story of the series broadcast on the Kanal D screen makes the viewers wonder so much that every Thursday evening, the ratings show great results.

The first production to show the success of rising to double-digit rates this season was Camdaki Kız. The series achieved another first on the evening of November 4 with its 18th episode. This season, the TRT1 series Gönül Dağı and Teşkilat also achieved the success of rising to double-digit rates.

However, Camdaki Kız was the first TV series to reach double-digit rates in both categories. Last season, many TV series were able to achieve this success. But this season it has become much more difficult to achieve that. Due to the decrease in the number of viewers, it has become almost impossible to reach double-digit ratings in the ratings.

With its 18th episode of the Camdaki Kız series, it reached double-digit rates in both AB and ABC1 groups, and it was a magnificent result. The series is doing very well in all people, but the rates are still slightly behind the double digits.

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