Artists News Can Yaman is in Italy, Alp Navruz is shaking the Mediterranean in Spain!

Can Yaman is in Italy, Alp Navruz is shaking the Mediterranean in Spain!


Spanish success that made Alp Navruz very proud! The romantic comedy series Ada Masalı (meaning: Island Tale) was a production that started in the summer and attracted great interest. The series broadcast on Star TV lasted 26 episodes and the fans of the series still couldn’t get it out of their minds.

The duo of Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan in the Ada Masalı series became a very good TV series couple. The love of the duo, which was talked about a lot on social media during the broadcast of the series, made the fans very happy. The duo, who did not hide their love after the finale of the series, was seen together and the members of the press had a great interest.

The duo, which is constantly on the agenda of the magazine, impresses their fans not only in Turkey, but also in different countries. In particular, the interest in the famous couple has increased considerably, with the Ada Masalı series starting to air in Spain as of November.

Alp Navruz, who also came to the fore with his selection as the ‘best actor’ among the TV series broadcast in Spain, became the pride of Turkey. Upon the question of his increasing popularity in Spain, the famous actor said, “We were chosen as the actor of the month together, it was nice. There are good echoes in our drama as well, we like it.”

Alp Navruz stated that he will be on the screen again with a new commercial in the near future. The couple, who is currently resting, is in the process of evaluating the projects that come to them. Alp Navruz said that if a good project comes along that they can take part in, they can still share the set of the month.

The intense interest of Can Yaman in Italy continues to increase. The famous actor has a large fan base and the audience watching his TV series is increasing day by day. The popularity of Can Yaman, who made a deal with Disney Plus for the El Turco series, seems to continue to increase.

Although not as popular as Can Yaman in Italy, Alpine Navruz’s admiration is growing rapidly in Spain. The fact that two important Turkish actors are so influential in two important countries in the Mediterranean basin is interpreted as a proud development for Turkey.