Can Yaman storm blew in Venice!..
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4 October 2022 21:35


Can Yaman storm blew in Venice!..

Can Yaman, who has a large fan base in Italy, also left his mark on the 78th Venice Film Festival this year. The actor received an award at the ‘Filming Italy Best Movie Award’ ceremony held as part of the festival.

Can Yaman, who has a large fan base in Italy and continues the preparations for the Italian series, in which he played the leading role, was the most popular star of the event. The handsome actor, who showed up at the festival with his Dolce & Gabbana team and shoes, also shared his images with his followers on his Instagram account.

As part of the festival, the actor, who also took part in commercials in Italy, was presented with the “TV Personality of the Year” award for his rapid rise in the industry.

There was a great stampede at the ceremony, and fans who wanted to take a photo with Can Yaman created a stampede. The handsome actor, who shared these images on his Instagram account, wrote, “For the first time in my career, I attend a festival, I was very impressed and touched by this enormous interest, I am returning home to Rome today, but I leave a piece of my heart in Venice.”

Saying goodbye to Venice, Can Yaman said to the photos he shared on his Instagram account, “Goodbye Venice! See you next time!” Wrote.

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