Artists News Can Yaman’s career leap in Italy does not go unnoticed!

Can Yaman’s career leap in Italy does not go unnoticed!


Famous actor Can Yaman has been living in Italy for a long time. Can Yaman, who has now become a part of the magazine agenda with the events he takes part in, has become a star name closely followed by the Italian public.

It seems that Can Yaman’s adaptation to Italian culture was due to the fact that he went to an Italian High School during his school years and learned Italian, as well as having close contact with the culture of this country.

It has now become normal for Can Yaman to appear frequently with his works on television channels, magazines, newspapers and websites in Italy.

Participating in programs on Italy’s most watched television channels and quickly adapting to the Italian lifestyle, Can Yaman is as comfortable as if he were in his own home…

It is clearly understood that Can Yaman, who participated in television programs that achieved strong ratings on Canale 5 television channel, is now a part of the Italian magazine agenda.

While the shooting of the TV series Sandokan has finally started, Can Yaman fans are closely following the work of the famous actor.

The Turkish actor, who once again demonstrated how strong his bond with his fans is in both Verissimo and Amici programs on Canale 5, impressed herself again with the TV series Viola Come il Mare.

The fact that this Italian series has been sold to 50 different countries is also seen as Can Yaman’s success.

Can Yaman fans will be able to watch the exciting series called Sandokan on RAI channel in 2025.