Artists News CanYaman’s muscular body became the topic of discussion!

CanYaman’s muscular body became the topic of discussion!


CanYaman, who takes part in the ‘Early Bird’ tv series, draws attention to the final state of his body.

He continues to talk about the new image in the row.

The fans of the game are quite astonished by their muscular body.

He, who does not seem to be in a superficial display, developed his muscles thoroughly during this time.

CanYaman, who changed the position on the screen with his long hair and beards, is liked very much with his new image.

5 months of uninterrupted daily boxing and crossfit can not be achieved by this seemingly sporting Yaman’s only secret!

He, who stated that he did not diet on a YouTube channel he joined, does not hide that he owes some things to genetics.

CanYaman said:

“I have not been on a diet for the rest of my life. I eat homemade meals at home. I do not care how much I eat. I never use anything like protein powders. But I use a lot of vitamins, I use magnesium. ”

He stated that he had 6 months to meet his current physique and he said that he had no place in the life of the diet.