Caner Cindoruk will enchant his fans with a few surprises after his Sadakatsiz series!
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5 December 2022 07:58


Caner Cindoruk will enchant his fans with a few surprises after his Sadakatsiz series!

Famous actor Caner Cindoruk has become one of the names on the agenda not only in our country, but especially in Spain. The actor, who gained a wide fan base with the release of Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful) in Spain after the Kadın’s (Women) TV series, has recently experienced a rapid popularity process in Latin American countries.

Caner Cindoruk’s success in the character of Volkan in the two-season series “Sadakatsiz” won the appreciation of his fans. After the finale of the series, the actor returned to theatrical work. Stating that he does theater activities both in Istanbul and his hometown Adana, the actor also mentioned that there may be new surprises for the new season.

Although Caner Cindoruk does not state that he has made a clear agreement for any project, he mentioned that he is evaluating some offers. The actor said, “We are reading new things, we will soon come back with very good news.”

Explaining that he directed the theater play in Adana Seyhan and that both projects he took part in were good comedy works, Caner Cindoruk also stated that he will share the details soon. The actress, who will appear in front of the audience with a comedy role on the Istanbul Moda stage, is also excited for this project.

The actor, who also worked on writing a book for a while, added that he could not concentrate on it due to his work and that writing a book is a demanding job.

Talking about the events he witnessed and the extraordinary personalities he met in his first book, The Sessiz Şarkıcı (Silent Singer), published in 2018, the famous actor said, “I started thinking about stories for the second book.”

Caner Cindoruk explained that he also has the idea of ​​turning his own stories into projects by scripting, and said that he will give information about this in the near future.

The famous actor continues his theater activities, looking for new projects by evaluating the offers he receives, and also started preparations for his second book.

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