Caner Topçu made a very interesting statement to his partner Rabia Soytürk!
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2 December 2022 22:48


Caner Topçu made a very interesting statement to his partner Rabia Soytürk!

The interest in the duo of Caner Topçu and Rabia Soytürk, who were partners in the Star TV series Duy Beni (Hear Me), was huge on social media. Due to its low ratings, Duy Beni made its finale with its 20th episode last Thursday. However, the fans of the series took Rabia Soytürk and Caner Topçu, whom they liked very much, to the top of social media.

The great wave of interaction in social media during the broadcast of the “Duy Beni” series was realized with the contribution of the strong harmony and high energy of these two young actors. Duy Beni may be left behind, but the duo seems to be remembered as a new drama couple.

Caner Topçu participated in the youtube program where people were asked about him on google. The actor announced that he has only one tattoo on his hand and that he does not know why he got it and that he will not get another tattoo.

Caner Topçu said that although the men prepare very quickly in the TV series, the preparation process of the women takes a long time. When asked to give an example, Caner Topçu almost uttered a word to Rabia Soytürk, his partner in the series “Duy Beni”.

Talking about the preparatory work on the set of the TV series by saying, “Men, in general, everyone is fast,” the actor said when asked about the female actors:

“It was really their hair, it was their make-up, it was their costume. Let me say Rabia. But it’s too much, her hair is always changing.”

The young actress said that her partner had been preparing for a long time while preparing for the stages of the series Duy Beni.

Expressing that he has no aesthetics, Caner Topçu stated that he does not have such a thought. Explaining that he had to change his phone number 5 months ago, the actor added that he made such a decision because he received a lot of calls because he had an old number.

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