Cansu Dere and Demet Özdemir met in the same message, they are no longer rivals to each other!
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4 February 2023 08:06


Cansu Dere and Demet Özdemir met in the same message, they are no longer rivals to each other!

Overlapping messages between the two TV series aired on Wednesday evenings attract attention. With the TV series Unfaithful, which was broadcast on Kanal D screen, the leading actresses of My Home My Destiny on TV8 met with the same message.

Viewers witnessed a similar scene in both TV series, which aired new episodes last night. Asya was attacked at her home by someone who had covered her face who came to her home. It was a scene that tells women where the violence can go and what scary consequences it can have. Volkan’s effort to intimidate Asya, his efforts to separate his son Ali from his mother and pull him towards him were reflected on the screen as violence against women.

Cansu Dere, again with a very successful acting, reflected the severe trauma of Asya on this stage, and reminded the similar events that many women may have experienced. The viewers gathered on the screen also supported Asya with their comments on social media.

On the TV8 screen at the same time last night, Zeynep was exposed to the violence of the Mehdi in the TV series My Home My Destiny. The severe trauma experienced by Zeynep, who was abducted by her divorced husband, deeply affected the audience.

This spiral of violence experienced by two different female characters on two different channels, in two different stories, turned into a common message to the audience … This message, which shows the extent of violence against women, has also united Cansu Dere and Demet Özdemir for the same purpose.

Both famous names gave many messages to women over the characters they played against violence. For the audience, these two characters are an exemplary event.

One of them is Zeynep, a lawyer… The other is a doctor Asya… The educated women have educated themselves and have gained prestige in the society… However, both of them have great concerns on the side of men. Both of them had to divorce their spouses. Both were subjected to similar violence, unable to get rid of them …

What these scenes make audiences feel the same… A series of fans would comment this on social media as follows:

“One is a lawyer, the other is a doctor. Violence against women has no profession. It has no age, no end. It is painful to know that there are people who actually live them somewhere in real life, even if they are a series. It must end now. ”

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