Cansu Dere will be making a big comeback with her new series!
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29 November 2022 22:06


Cansu Dere will be making a big comeback with her new series!

Cansu Dere, who doesn't come to mind like Eyşan on Ezel, will be an event! The cooperation between Medyapım and Cansu Dere would be experienced last season. However, when problems occurred on the stage of the project, which was considered for TV8, it was canceled. Meanwhile, she played a role that disappointed her fans on the television series Ferhat and Şirin. However, the actress manages to surprise the public with a completely different character in the new season.

Fans of Cansu Dere cannot forget the character of Eyşan, who he played in the series Ezel. Eyşan has now established itself in the language of young people as a critical expression on social media. Eyşan is the first that comes to mind when it comes to cheating and betraying love.

Cansu Dere will play a role in the Turkish version of the Doctor Foster series, which will air on the Kanal D screen in the 2020-2021 season. Preparations for the Turkish version of the psychological suspense series Doctor Foster, produced by BBC One, are underway.

Medyapım made an official statement about Cansu Dere, which is the subject of the news. In the announcement made by Medyapım's social media accounts, it was included "We have agreed with Cansu Dere for our project that will start at Kanal D in the new season".

As you may recall, Neslihan Yeşilyurt, the director of the Forbidden Apple series, left. The reason for this separation is the Turkish version of the Doctor Foster series … Neslihan Yeşilyurt, who has been very successful with Forbidden Apple, is now continuing preparations for the new adaptation series.

A series arrives in which a woman who believes that her husband is cheating on her faces paranoid tensions and results.

Let's meet the series Doctor Foster, which is published in 5 episodes each season:

Dr. Foster, who lives quietly in a town with her family, Dr. It tells the chain of events that started when Gemma Foster found a lock of yellow hair in her husband Simon's jacket one day.

Foster, who follows her husband with her feminine instincts, is confused as a result of paranoid thoughts. The woman, who experiences tensions with her surroundings, moves to different points with a simple suspicion.

The Doctor Foster series is a dramatic story that will appeal more to the female audience. Viewers who experience similar events will meet in this series.

An empathetic production, Doctor Foster is perfect for audiences who love psychological productions. Also, each section makes you wonder about the next one.

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