Cansu Dere's Anne series made a difference to its adaptations in the world!
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1 April 2023 07:42


Cansu Dere’s Anne series made a difference to its adaptations in the world!

The Turkish adaptation of the TV series Anne (Mother), which was adapted from the Japanese-made series Mother and broadcast on Star TV in 2016-2017, surpassed the other adaptations.

Well-known actors such as Cansu Dere, Vahide Perçin, Can Nergis, Berkay Ateş, Gonca Vuslateri took part in the TV series “Anne”, which appeared on the screen for a single season.

The series attracted great attention and was talked about a lot with its ratings. The TV series Anne, which was broadcast on many television channels in Latin America, also attracted great attention abroad.

TV critic Sina Koloğlu announced on her social media account that the best-selling adaptation in the world is the series Anne, which was shot in Turkey. Sina Koloğlu said that this information was given to him by Fatih Aksoy, the producer of the series, and used the following statements about the series Anne;

“The title of the most exported drama from Asia to the world is in the hands of ‘Mother’. The Japanese drama was later adapted in South Korea. Then it was published under the name ‘Anne’.

After Ukraine, Thailand, China, Indonesia, France, it is now waiting for its adaptation in Spain. So, which one was the most popular in the world of this series, which was adapted so much? I asked Fatih Aksoy, the head of the company that made the adaptation in Turkey.

‘Ours is the only version widely sold in the world. The Spanish version was taken after the interest of our version in Spain. We only have 90 minutes and 35 episodes. “Other countries shot 10 episodes,” he said.

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