CanYaman recreates his image!
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6 October 2022 14:31


CanYaman recreates his image!

Can Yaman, who received great acclaim with the Early Bird series, was in the trouble of recreating his image before his new project, Mr. Wrong.

2019 has been a turbulent year for Can Yaman. He has accomplished very successful works. He also experienced the difficulties of talking a lot and lack of experience. Can Yaman actually learned the most beautiful aspects of life and the most painful facts in 2019 …

The Early Bird series, in which he achieved a good harmony with Demet Özdemir, was a career jump for Can Yaman. After the Full Moon series, the Early Bird was also sold abroad. Can Yaman, whose foreign fans have grown exponentially, used the opportunity that he had at first.

However, both the newspaper interviews and the words that did not suit a fan of Formula TV in Spain were the focus of the reactions.

Can Yaman, who went to the military and renewed his visual image in this process, learned from his mistakes. Now, we are partnering with Can Yaman’s excitement to recreate his career.

The actor no longer interviews the media. What he has to say can reach his fans from his Instagram account. In other words, he is aware of where a word he will say without any awareness in the press will reach now.

Can Yaman positively evaluated the time he spent at home due to coronavirus pandemic. He takes care of doing sports, keeping his form.

He learns Spanish and attempts to speak with his fans in their language.

He shares a small number of posts that will not harm his career on social media. He shows every opportunity he invests and develops in himself.

Can Yaman, who made tango with his mother, also took a step about dancing. Can Yaman, who turned his home into a training camp during the quarantine process, will start a new journey with Mr. Wrong.

The shooting of the series will begin in the coming days. The cooperation of Özge Gürel and Can Yaman is expected to yield very good results. The two previously had a successful harmony in the Full Moon series.

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