Cemre Baysel's admiration breaks the record for the series Senden Daha Güzel on Youtube!
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5 October 2022 18:07


Cemre Baysel’s admiration breaks the record for the series Senden Daha Güzel on Youtube!

Young actress Cemre Baysel, who had a big break with the character of Fatoş she played in the TV series Ramo, was talked about a lot last summer with the series Baht Oyunu and her partnership with Aytaç Şaşmaz was appreciated. The fact that the duo began to live in love while the series continued made their on-screen partnership even more curious.

Cemre Baysel is one of the rising young actresses of the last period. With her impressive acting, she continues her success in drama series with romantic comedies. The actress, who came to the screen with fun love stories for two years, started to come to the screen with Fox TV’s series Senden Raha Güzel (More Beautiful than You) this summer.

This time, the handsome actor Burak Celik is in front of the camera. After the Baht Oyunu, her compatibility with her new partner was a matter of curiosity. The two actors seem to have achieved this harmony and made their fans happy with the first two episodes! The performances of the actors who are ascribed to each other are also appreciated.

The second episode of the series, which was screened this week, has a remarkable viewing process on Youtube. The TV series Senden Daha Güzel, starring Cemre Baysel and Burak Çelik, managed to get a considerable rating with its first episode. But the situation is much better in digital!

Because the viewing rates of the series on Youtube are proof that the interest shown will increase gradually! After the broadcast of the first episode, the series Senden Daha Güzel was watched by 5 million people in 5 days. The fact that the second episode trailer was watched by more than 1 million people on the first day of its release, tells that the series is even more a candidate to leave its mark this summer!

It is obvious that it would be more accurate to talk about the ratings after a few episodes, assuming that the viewer, who has just come out of the winter season, has not adapted to the summer series. Even though the series Senden Daha Güzel started with an average debut, the interest shown on social media is high. At the same rate, the viewership rate on YouTube is also increasing.

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