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17 May 2022 20:16


Ceren Moray, who went to France after the finale of Yalancılar ve Mumlar series, kept her promise!

The talented actress Ceren Moray, who took a leap in her career with Avlu series broadcast on Show TV, appeared in front of the audience with the TV series Yalancılar ve Mumlar, which was broadcast on Fox TV.

After the important series such as Avlu, Öğretmen, which lasted 9 episodes, and Yalancılar ve Mumlar series, which could continue for 5 episodes, was a great misfortune for the actress. Both series were broadcast on Fox TV and they said goodbye to their broadcast lives due to low ratings.

The actress went to France after the bad luck in the rating. When the actress, who shared many posts from the country on her Instagram account, stayed in France for a long time, some of her fans thought that Ceren Moray had settled in France.

The famous actress, who married her long-time French lover Nico Brun in 2017, both rested for a while and improved her French in her husband’s hometown.

The actress, who has shared many posts on social media, also tells her fans who are curious about her; “I’ve had a lot of loved ones who think I’ve come totally, no girl, I’ll be back; Geography also transforms a bit”.

The last share of the actress has brought water to the hearts of her fans. Ceren Moray has finally returned to Turkey. Announcing her return on social media, Ceren Moray wrote a long article.

Fans, who think that Ceren Moray has settled in France, breathe a sigh of relief after the actress’s return, and now they are eagerly waiting for the actress’s new project.

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