Series News CerenMoray’s great success

CerenMoray’s great success


In Star TV, the Azra character, which is becoming more and more popular in the ‘Courtyard’ series coming to the screen, has become a phenomenon.

Those who watch CerenMoray’s Azra from social media are writing such cries when they express their admiration that they are amazed.

CerenMoray once again amazes with the performance of the Azra character.

As they learned that Azra, who had a very bad childhood, was subjected to the violence of her mother and was abandoned by her father, the followers began to adopt it more.

Azra, who is like a leader of the gang in the first episodes and is not loved, is now one of the biggest shareholders in the ever-rising interest of the series.

With CerenMoray’s successful acting, Azra’s attitudes are also spoken in social media with the staging of the weekly episode.