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17 May 2022 03:32


Ceyhun Fersoy, Şahin of the Seksenler, started a new project

Ceyhun Fersoy, whom we have watched in the project called Seksenler since 2012, became one of the names that attracted attention with his successful performance. The actor is in the cast of the series with his husband Begüm Öner. The acting journeys of the famous couple also continue to support each other.

Ceyhun Fersoy started his new project, which he had been thinking about for a long time but was constantly postponing due to the pandemic. During the week, the series Seksenler is broadcast on TRT1 in the afternoon and the team is working at an intense pace.

Ceyhun Fersoy is also pleased to be in this pace. However, the actor, who also wanted to make a theater act, announced that he had started her new project.

Ceyhun Fersoy, who took the stage for the new theater acy Baş Belası, said that he had been dreaming of this play for 1.5 years, but due to the pandemic, they could only just start.

Ceyhun Fersoy said, “We are playing a beautiful act with a very enjoyable team, with a very enjoyable theater. Hopefully it will continue for 3-4 seasons. The audience was also very enjoyable.”

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