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23 May 2022 00:14


Ceylin, what did you do? Things are getting very messy in the Yargı series!

The series Yargı (Judgment) has been followed with great interest since the day it was broadcast. In the series, where different events occur every week, the tempo does not decrease for a moment! Written with the strong pen of screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, the story goes beyond expectations and continues to surprise the audience with each episode.

Due to the fact that this week is the holiday week, the Yargı series will not be broadcast. The viewers, who are eagerly waiting for the new episode, unfortunately have to wait one more week! Kanal D’s series Yargı, which left its mark on the season, will be on the screen with its 31st episode on the evening of 8 May.

In the meantime, a trailer from the new episode of the series, which will leave the audience wondering, has also been released. After this trailer where Ilgaz and Ceylin discussed, it seems that things will get harder for Ceylin!

Because, despite this attitude of Ilgaz, who chose to be with Ceylin with her family behind her, Ceylin did not stop blaming her… This situation opens up the relationship between the two! The belief that Pars and Eren knew an eyewitness in Zafer’s murder, and that this person even killed Zafer, drove Ceylin crazy.

Thinking that Eren and Pars were deliberately writing a new script to save Çınar, Ceylin also accused Ilgaz in their house where she went angrily. In the face of Ceylin’s attitude, Ilgaz left the key on the table and left. Here is the continuation of this scene, came to the screen in the trailer.

In the broadcasted scenes, while Ilgaz tells that the fire inside Ceylin burns them both, no matter what he does, Ceylin bursts into tears by saying “Let’s get divorced”.

Ceylin’s life will become even more difficult, as she pushes Ilgaz away from her in her most difficult time! The last episode of the series aired 6 months later. Eren, who was behind Ceylin, who was covered in blood with a bloody knife in her hand, was breaking the door and arresting Ceylin.

It seems that Ceylin will break the ropes thoroughly! On top of the pain she has experienced, her separation with Ilgaz will lead her to other paths! These are guesses yet, but Ceylin’s impulsive attitude and inability to think logically show that many things will open up for her!

In the new episode of the series starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Ilgaz’s words “I love you like crazy, but I can’t stay…” in tears are heartbreaking, while Ceylin’s divorce decision will leave its mark on the new episode of the series…

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