Cihan Ünal, who rejected many offers, returned to Istanbul for the ATV series!
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28 January 2023 17:18


Cihan Ünal, who rejected many offers, returned to Istanbul for the ATV series!

Master actor Cihan Ünal will appear in serials again after a long hiatus. The actor plays the leading role in the TV series Yalnız Kurt, produced by Osman Sınav.

The first trailer of the series, which is expected to meet with the audience in the near future, was released on the ATV screen. A scene reminding important events in the history of Turkey drew attention. Yalnız Kurt, which emerged as the story of a hero who will fight against the evil plans of a secret organization called Goliath on Turkey, is a production that will draw attention with its political references.

Cihan Ünal, who is in the lead role of the series with Hasan Denizyaran, is experiencing the excitement of the Yalnız Kurt series. Cihan Ünal, who has been living in Cyprus for a long time, came to Istanbul for the project. The master actor was spotted by TV100 cameras in a shopping mall.

Talking about the TV series “Yalnız Kurt”, Cihan Ünal said, “I will make a series. Actually, I’m in Cyprus. When I came here, there were some needs, I bought them,” he said.

Cihan Ünal, who said, “A very nice team, the work has started, I hope the end will be good,” took place in the TV series Söz. Stating that he does not want to return to the sets due to the pandemic, Cihan Ünal stated that he gives lectures at the university in Cyprus and has lived on the island for a long time.

“Many offers came, but I did not come because of the epidemic. Now, I’ve had my third time out. Cihan Ünal, who said “Everything is fine”, looked quite energetic despite his advancing age.

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