Come and listen to the new summer series Seversin from the leading actors!
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4 February 2023 12:43


Come and listen to the new summer series Seversin from the leading actors!

The new summer series Seversin (You Like), starring İlayda Alişan and Burak Yörük, will air on Kanal D on Wednesday, June 1st.

The leading actors of the series were guests of Hakan Gence from Hürriyet Newspaper. Stating that the love of opposite characters is told in the series, Burak Yörük said, “Love is already the attraction of opposite characters. We see the toxic and strongest side of love in songs, TV shows and movies. The thing that brings out those feelings is to find something that you don’t usually have. That’s why different characters experience such intense emotions.”

The famous actor said that he also lived passionately in love.

Ilayda Alişan said, “I think there is no love without passion,” and added, “Sometimes, someone with an opposite character makes you face a lot of things you don’t face. This makes the relationship more intense and passionate.”

The two famous actors, who will be working together for the first time, are very happy to be partners. İlayda Alişan said, “We had mutual friends with Burak.”

Burak Yörük said, “Everything happened very quickly,  I did not know my partner. Then we met at the office and when I saw İlayda in front of me, I sighed. İlayda is very peaceful, very sweet, her energy is reflected in the whole set.”

Burak Yörük’s heart is full, unlike İlayda Alişan, who says that her heart is empty these days. Actor; He also confessed his love with the statement, “I have a girlfriend that I love and our situation remains, Hakan.”

Look what two famous actors said about their new series;

Burak Yörük: “A very beautiful, colorful summer job. After the pandemic, it will save people from boredom and have a lot of fun. This time, you will watch both İlayda and me differently than any other character we have played before.”

İlayda Alişan: “Yes, it will make the audience smile and spread joy. As for the story, Tolga is an actor. Asya, which I play, is a girl who has no diapers on those combs. And they become partners in a drama. Of course we are ambitious. Everyone’s work is unique to them, and ours is for us… We have one difference; we actually have some fun with romantic comedies. Because we’re shooting a drama within a series, we’re dealing with those classic romantic comedy girls and boys in absurd language.”

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