Criticism of Elçin Sangu's acting performance
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4 February 2023 02:18


Criticism of Elçin Sangu’s acting performance

Glowing in the Love for Rent series, Elçin Sangu gave life to the character of Zeynep in the Crash series last season. The famous actress returned to the screen and made her followers happy, but she could not make a difference with her role. Elçin Sangu is now preparing for a new series in the new season.

Together with Elçin Sangu in the leading role of the series Good Day Bad Day, which will be broadcast on Star TV; There are Ozan Dolunay and Yasemin Allen. Elçin Sangu will play the character of Leyla, who organizes wedding events. However, there were thoughts about whether the actor could lift the lead role before the series.

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet Cadde, took this issue to its corner and brought some criticism to the famous actress. Koloğlu criticized that the actress was unable to mimic the Crash series and wrote:

“The people of the house had said that while watching the”Crash”…. There is no mimic “about Elçin Sangu. Expressing and expressing. Now Sangu will come with her new series, what does she lead? The sector looks at ‘marketing’ rather than ‘art’. I’m not saying this as criticism. This is the world equivalent of the fast consumed series. The concept of ‘good player’ is relative. “Well-marketed player” is important. A lot of work is done for this. For example, they do not spend the painful days of surgical operations.”

New beginnings, dazzling love and dreams of marriage … What if all these plans are turned upside down by the unexpected move of fate? You will not be able to keep your laughter while watching Leyla, Sarp and Melisa’s knotted relationships, and you will be addicted to this hot story full of surprise and fun.

Good Day Bad Day will be talked a lot in the new season with its strong names, immersive story and fun expression. The series, which will start shooting in Istanbul in the coming days, will soon be in Star.

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