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21 May 2022 20:24


Criticism of the Camdaki Kız series has increased a lot!

Published on Kanal D and adapted from Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu’s book, Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Glass) is a reflection of a real life story… Burcu Biricik, who plays the leading role in the series, does a very successful job. The character that has come to the fore in recent weeks was Hayri, played by Cihangir Ceyhan. Fans of the series think that after Adil brain death, there is only one person left to watch over Nalan. That person is Hayri…

However, what Hayri did for Nalan started to fall into the eyes of many. Feride lady is already not satisfied with the rapprochement between her daughter and Hayri and she started her threats… The love of Nalan and Hayri doesn’t seem very realistic considering the point the story has reached.

Fans of the series also started to express this situation on social media. The first trailer of the 38th episode of the Camdaki Kız series, which will be broadcast on Thursday, April 7, was shared. Uncomfortable with the intimacy between Nalan and Hayri, Feride decides to move in with Nalan! What kind of process awaits Nalan from now on? Here, viewers are wondering the answer to this question.

Many drama fans agree that Nalan should now shrug and come to her senses. Viewers who wanted to see some progress in the character said, “We’re tired of Nalan taking one step forward and three steps back. Feride blends into Nalan’s bedroom. She’s moving in with her daughter. Nalan must stand up to Feride. She shouldn’t let herself get involved,” he comments.

The viewers, who also object to the point of the series’ story, are angry that Nalan is someone who does not love her and warns that she will fall into the same situation as Sedat in the Hayri issue.

A series of fans commented: “Hayri is not an innocent man. He is married and has children. Since the first day, he has his eyes on the bride of the house where he ate bread. So how is it different from Sedat now? Sedat is already filth, it’s even worse than that. Nalan also has the spirit to run to whomever she finds love.”

Criticism of the story of the series “Camdaki Kız” seems to continue to increase on social media. On the evening of Thursday, April 7, an episode full of very impressive events awaits the audience.

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