Cüneyt Arkın shared such a photo that social media shook!
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1 February 2023 22:18


Cüneyt Arkın shared such a photo that social media shook!

Cüneyt Arkın, one of the most important figures of Turkish cinema, is 84 years old today. The famous actor, who has made hundreds of movies to date, is still trying to come to the screen as much as he can, despite his age.

Despite his advanced age, the actor, who tried to take part in social media, shared a photo from his Twitter account. In the frame that can be described as a historical photograph, it was a house meeting of the most famous actors of the time.

Bringing together names such as Fikret Hakan, İzzet Günay, Eşref Kolçak, Ekrem Bora, Eşref Kolçak and Orhan Günşiray, most of whom are dead today, the photograph also took the followers of Cüneyt Arkın to the past. The photo received hundreds of likes and comments.

A follower, who was very touched by the photo, expressed his feelings by saying, “Now people can’t understand that this team is the champions league, it’s a pity that this team is really good for the current generation, we learned lessons with your works, we grew up, we had fun, we cried, we loved, may God have mercy on those who left us, may their place be in heaven”.

Another follower said, “If the people there said “Father”, no one would believe that I would tweet this official in 2021, maybe even the father would not believe it, Cüneyt Baba, you have officially closed an era and opened an era.” he wrote.

One follower drew attention to the preciousness of the past with the words, “No one posed, and everyone’s facial expressions are very sincere.. While commemorating the artists in the photograph and those days with love, the roboticity brought by today’s perfectionism is very annoying :(“.

You can see some of the followers’ comments on the photo below.

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