Damla Sönmez shared, The Pit fans discussed!
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27 November 2022 14:40


Damla Sönmez shared, The Pit fans discussed!

The 108th episode of The Pit series, which meets with the audience on Show TV screens on Monday evenings, has been broadcast. While the final realization of the 125th episode is approaching the end of the series, important developments are also taking place.

In the last episode of The Pit, sitting in İdris’ coffeehouse, Yamaç experienced one of the biggest shocks of his life with a different cargo. Kulkan left the Yamaç in a very difficult situation by throwing both Efsun and Nehir into a great danger.

Kulkan gave Yamaç two riddles to solve in order to save Efsun and Nehir. There was only one chance for the slope now. He would save either Efsun or Nehir! Everyone wonders what the reflection on the river and Efsun characters where these developments are experienced

Nehir, played by Hazal Subaşı, is pregnant and the audience wants her to give birth to her baby. Damla Sönmez, who gave life to the character of Efsun, shared a photo from her Instagram account from the stained The Pit series.

Fans of the series asked many questions about the pleasure of Efsun and Nehir characters. Some fans made predictions and stated that they thought Nehir was going to die.

However, many The Pit fans don’t want anything to happen. The followers of the TV series told that Nehir to give birth to her baby made comments stating that they could not accept a situation otherwise.

Damla Sönmez replied, “Aaa is no,” commenting, “Fatality”. Her fans left a comment, “If Efsun dies, we will die, too.” Are the series followers Efsun or Nehir? Who will die is in a curious anticipation… Of course, two characters can be saved… But I have to say that the 109th episode of the Çukur series has already caused a great excitement.
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